Songs with Sami

COVID 19 has not been easy. With parents adding the role of teacher to their already busy lives, we have a thought of a way to make things a little easier.

‘Songs with Sami’ is a closed Facebook group designed to help parents with musical activities to do with their children during the isolation period. Each video involves a short activity that is easily achievable for parents, even if you have no experience with music!

Musical play is a fantastic way for children to feel connected to their families, regulate their emotions and express their feelings throughout this tricky time.

As adults, we have the responsibility to provide PERMISSION, TIME and SPACE for our children to play freely every day, so they can make sense of the world in their own way, at their own pace. 

Barb Champion, Executive Director – Play Australia

If you would like to join ‘Songs with Sami!’ click here.

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