Recorder Memes

Yes, we’ve all seen them on our Facebook pages, and even had a little giggle, but I am officially over it. Recorder memes poke fun at the hard work music teachers do!

I understand better than anyone that learning a new instrument is difficult. When I was in year ten I decided I wanted to try learning the oboe. As a flautist of four years, this was quite the challenge as an oboe has a double reed. I was determined to learn it specifically for an upcoming eisteddfod, however, when I started practicing at home, my family promptly told me that I sounded like an injured goose.

Learning a new instrument is no easy feat. Not to mention having the courage to actually perform that skill infront of peers and an audience! When we teach children how to play the recorder, we are actually teaching them:

  • fine motor skills of holding their fingers over the holes so as to make the best sound
  • breath control to play their recorder soft or loud
  • how to read music (which is a huge challenge in itself)
  • how to work in a group to achieve a collective goal when playing in ensembles
  • timing when playing a piece of music with others
  • multitasking while watching a conductor and also following along with the music their playing
  • listening skills as they tune-in to the sound of their recorder amongst a group of peers
  • determination and tenacity as they practice
  • and a lot more!

So next time you hear the high pitched screech of a wrong note, think of how much your child is learning. And thank their music teacher!

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