Music for Teaching Children- The Wiggles

The Wiggles are an Australian icon. They have covered many Folk Songs and Nursery Rhymes. Their original songs encourage movement and often have instructions within the lyrics for dances. Their collection of CDs, DVDs and children’s television show (available on Netflix) cover a range of topics relevant to children such as playing dress-up, wearing glasses and buckling your seatbelt

The Wiggles have a team of professionals within the field of Early Childhood Education that consult on everything from the lyrics, costumes, drama and overarching messages as well as Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field studying Music and Early Childhood Education.

‘Young children identify with relevant concepts and enjoy being entertained and being part of the entertainment. They are willing to commit to interacting if you are direct, inclusive, and positive’ (Field, 2012, p. 56) Interaction is a key part of all Wiggles music as it encourages children to join in.

‘Where was the fun? Where were the references to the simple things that are so dominant in a child’s life? Favourite books, colours, dancing, playing, nap time. And what’s wrong with kids getting up and grooving; squealing, screaming, and laughing through a performance? I wanted to explore alternate ways to write and perform for young children, to ensure the music was for them, not just the musician. Nothing complicated, snide, or condescending.’ (Field, 2012, p. 27) This highlights how these songs encourage a child’s independence and agency as they sing songs that are relevant to their audience.

My favourite wiggles songs to use during music time are:

  • Rock-a-bye your bear
  • Say the dance, do the dance
  • Hot Potato
  • Taba Naba
  • Toot, toot, chugga, chugga, Big Red Car

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