5 tips for online learning during the pandemic

Well, we all knew this was a possibility. Canberra has entered a 7 day lockdown due to new cases of the corona virus, which means, many students are now doing online learning. Online learning can be challenging for everyone, parents included, so here are 5 tips to help it go smoothly.

  1. Start the day by creating a schedule

Not only will this help you and your child stay on track, but it will reduce anxiety around whats happening next. Let’s face it, we could also use a bit of predictability right now, so set yourselves up for success. Additionally, when you finish a task you get the satisfying feeling of crossing it off your list.

2. Remember the basics

While juggling working from home, online learning, managing behaviours, house work and general day to day duties, it can be easy to forget the basics. By the basics I mean:

  • Is anyone hungry? Do you need to take a break for a snack?
  • Have you reminded your children (or yourself) to get a drink of water?
  • Do you need a brain break?
  • Have you gone outside today?
  • Has everyone moved their body in some way today?
  • Is it time to call a break to rest and/or nap?

3. You were your childs first teacher

At some point in their lives, you have taught your child. If online learning gets to tricky or frustrating, go back to how YOU teach. This could be cooking lunch together, weeding the garden or planting seeds, organising their wardrobe for the warmer months or just playing. Opportunities to learn are in everyday expereinces and that’s what parents are great at!

4. When feelings become overwhelming, simply listen

Everyone is finding lockdown hard and that, of course, includes our children. So often, parents become caught up in how to ‘fix’ children’s problems, but a pandemic isn’t something we can fix. So just listen and aknowledge your childs feelings. Remind them that it’s okay to feel this way, and that you are there for them.

5. Find things to look forward to

When you finish your day, ask your child ‘What’s one thing you are looking forward to doing tomorrow?’ If they can’t think of something, then make a plan then and there of something to look forward to together.

Stay safe everyone.

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