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We take our recommendations seriously. Each one we have thouroughly researched to ensure we are only endorsing the best of the best for our clients and wider community.


Kids Space Occupational Therapy

“At Kids’ Space OT, we believe that all therapy should be fun, engaging and meaningful to each child. We celebrate each child’s strengths, find what motivates them and use their interests to develop the areas in which they are having challenges”

myOT! Therapy Services

“myOT! Therapy Services provide caring, client-led occupational therapy services for children and their families. We are highly skilled at helping children as we have over 25+ years of experience providing clinical services to the ACT community.”


Early Bird Therapy (Speech pathology)

“Every child is different, so the therapy approach we take for each child is different too. Our team members understand that young families are busy and we work hard to provide practical services that make the most difference to your child’s daily skills.”

Brindabella Hearing and Speech

“Brindabella Hearing & Speech Centre is proudly independent to offer you the best solutions from the world’s top brands. We never, ever pay commissions or set employee targets on hearing aid fittings or any other product or service. Our philosophy is to provide you with professional assessment, advice and options so you make informed decisions.”



“We are a family and community based therapy program for kids with needs.

  • We teach your child road safety and cycling skills.
  • We assess your child’s current ability and set realistic goals.
  • We build your child’s confidence, independence and social skills.
  • We empower your child to aspire to opportunities otherwise out of their reach.”


“The Water Abilities program is designed to teach life-saving skills to children on the autism spectrum (or like characteristics) and help them embrace their natural affinity with water in a safe and beneficial way.

The WaterAbilities program is modelled on the existing Cyclabilities intensive capacity skill building and safety program. All instruction is therapy based, drawing on Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Social Work and Education.”


Too peas in a podcast

Too Peas in a Podcast is a Podcast by Mandy Hose and Kate Jones.

“Listen to Mandy and Kate laugh (a lot) and cry as they chat to each other and friends about parenting multiples with disabilities and additional needs.”

Temple Grandin

Film staring Claire Danes depict the life “… of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.” (2010)

Special: Antidotes to the obsessions that come with a child’s disability.

Book by Melanie Dimmitt (2019)

“Special is an uplifting, candid companion for those in the early stages of navigating a child’s disability, offering honest, reassuring and relatable insight into a largely unknown (and so, initially terrifying) part of our world.”


Boundless Buddies Playgroup

“Children of all abilities are invited to join Marymead and ACT Playgroups at the Boundless Playground for Boundless Buddies Playgroup, every Monday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, including school holidays. Boundless Buddies provides supported playgroup activities for children of all abilities, their parents and carers.”

PlayConnect Playgroups

“PlayConnect Playgroups are designed for families of children aged 0-6 years who have unique needs associated with having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism-like characteristics in communication, behaviour or social skills.”

Child and Family Centres

The early years of a child’s life set the foundation for their future health, development and learning.
The Child and Family Centres (the Centres) are a ‘one-stop-shop’ supporting families during this
important time. The Centres are staffed by multi-disciplinary teams and
are designed to provide a range of support programs to assist parents and children.”

CASPAR – Canberra Autism Spectrum Parents and Relatives– Facebook Group

“This is a group for people in and around Canberra who are relatives of, or are in an UNPAID caring role for people on the autism spectrum and for those who are on the autism spectrum themselves. It is a place to make connections with other people in our community”

Ensure you answer all four of the screening questions so your request to join the group can be approved.

MyTime Playgroups

“MyTime is for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition. It’s a place for you to unwind and talk about your experiences. It’s a world away from appointments and therapy.”


Capital Regional Community Services

“CRCS provides a wide range of high quality, integrated and inclusive programs and services to individuals, families, children and young people in the Belconnen and wider Capital Region. CRCS works with community members, local organisations and businesses to develop responsive programs, services and activities that support self determination and reduce social isolation. Strong relationships with government and other community services enhance CRCS’s capacity to achieve our vision of an inclusive, connected community.”


“Marymead, a well-respected, not-for-profit organisation servicing the ACT and southern and western regional areas of NSW, has been delivering a range of high quality, family support services to children, young people and their families since 1967…Marymead also offers innovative, person-centred support services for people with disability and their families.”

Community Services #1

Community Services #1 provides assistance and care to people across all stages of life.  We are proudly a profit-for-purpose community services organisation and offer a wide range of programs from early childhood education, aged care services, community support groups, senior’s activities, out of hospital care, home care packages and more.”

Cerebal Palsy Alliance

“We offer a comprehensive range of neurological and physical supports – tailored to you – to help you achieve your goals.  These supports include clinical management and therapy, and lifestyle, social and health programs. We can also help with comprehensive assistive technology, home modifications, supported employment, supported accommodation and day programs designed to help you build your skills base.”

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