2021 resource highlights

This year certainly had its challenges, but there were also some fantastic highlights. During sessions we had amazing breakthroughs, built beautiful relationships and supported children achieve some big goals! Throughout the year, we have tired and tested lots of toys and resources. Here is a list of some of our favourites this year. https://jellystonedesigns.com.au/products/diy-calm-down-bottle DIY…… Continue reading 2021 resource highlights

School holiday activities

It’s really tricky being on school holidays at the moment because our children have been home doing online learning, so everyday starts to feel like groundhog day. So, to help keep our little ones occupied, we’ve made some treasure hunt cards! Take these outside for your daily walk, or even just in the backyard. Going…… Continue reading School holiday activities

Whole body listening

After reading some great tips from the Neurodivergent Teacher and Mrs Speechie P on Facebook about ‘Designing neurodiversity affirming rules and expectations at school’, it got me thinking about one key classroom rule I see all the time. Whole body listening. When we hear the phrase ‘whole body listening’, it can refer to asking students…… Continue reading Whole body listening

Let’s get ready! Four things to help your morning routine go smoothly

Getting ready in the morning can be a tricky task, especially when you have a child who is neurodiverse. Here are four key resources that could help your morning routine. A timer ‘Time timers’ offer a visual countdown so that children can easily see how much time is left. These timers come in a range…… Continue reading Let’s get ready! Four things to help your morning routine go smoothly