Client complaints policy


Allegro Education is committed to handling and resolving client complaints in a confidential, fair and timely manner.


Types of Complaints

There are many factors that influence a client’s decision to make a complaint. There is also a range in the types of complaints that can be made. Examples of factors and types of complaints include:

Service delivery complaints

  • dissatisfaction with service provision
  • accuracy and timeliness of information
  • communication breakdown
  • cultural issues
  • stress and fatigue
  • incidents of conflict
  • inappropriate behaviour of staff and volunteers
  • poor maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • client abuse, harassment, discrimination and neglect
  • a breach in client confidentiality.

Governance complaints:

  • financial mismanagement
  • fraud
  • procedures followed not in accordance with the organisation’s constitution or organisational policies.

Complaints of potentially criminal nature:

  • If the complaint has criminal implications, such as fraud or abuse, then the Police should be notified immediately.

Methods of complaint

There are three ways clients may choose to make a complaint to the organisation:

  • verbal – face to face or by phone
  • written – formal letter, e-mail,
  • client complaints form

Anonymous complaints

  • Some clients may wish to remain anonymous in making their complaints. It is recommended that clients make their complaint using the client’s complaint form if they wish to remain anonymus

Appeals and seeking outside assistance

  • If the complaint involves the Manager, the matter can be referred to the Management Committee.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved internally, an option could be to seek support from the Conflict Resolution Service

Conflict Resolution Service

1/32-38 Townshend Street
Phillip, ACT 2606

P: 6189 0590 (main office)


Home – Conflict Resolution Service

If the complaint still cannot be resolved, the client should be informed that they have the right to make a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsmen.

ACT Ombudsmen

ACT Ombudsman

If you do not wish to state your name, please type 'anonymous', however, this will mean that we are unable to contact you to rectify the complaint.
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