My child doesn’t have an NDIS plan, can I still access your services?

Absolutely! If you are on your way to getting an NDIS plan, we can even provide supporting documentation to help with the evaluation process. If you don’t have an NDIS plan or are not eligible for NDIS funding, we are still able to see your child in a theraputic setting. However, our fees allign with the NDIS price guide. If this is a barrier for you and your family, please let us know! We are always happy to make adjustments if they are needed.

Are you an occupational therapist/speech pathologist?

No, we are early intervention teachers. That means we have a teaching degree and have gone on to do further study and gain more experience working with children under the age of seven who have disabilities, learning difficulties, chronic health conditions or terminal illnesses.

What is Musical Play?

Great question! “Developed over the space of 30 years by Julie Wylie, Musical Play is an evidence-based approach to early childhood music education and pediatric music therapy, which is strongly grounded in neuroscience, psychology, physiology, neurobiology, and sound music education principles. At its core, Musical Play is a sophisticated term for expression, communication and loving interactive play. It involves listening, singing, saying, moving and playing together…” (Julie Wylie, Institute of Musical Play)
Sami is our qualified Musical Play Specialist.

What do you do in sessions?

It varies depending on each client. Generally speaking, we look at the clients NDIS goals and speak to the family about what their priorities are and we work together to help their child achieve them. This could be anything from engaging in a group setting, developing self-help skills, increasing communication or increasing attention.

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