Meet the Team

Sami Truscott- Founding Director

About me

When I was in Primary school I was bullied. I was miserable at school and as a result, my grades began to deteriorate. That was until a new teacher started when I was in grade four. She started a music ensemble and I eagerly joined. This completely changed my life. I finally had a place where I truly felt like I belonged and this gave me a new found love of learning. This is what inspired me to start Allegro Education. I truly believe that every child has the capacity to do amazing things if we as educators identify how they learn, and play to their strengths.

Qualifications and Experience

Samantha Truscott is an Early Childhood Music Teacher from Canberra with a passion for accessible Education. Samantha has studied the Orff Schulwerk approach for Music Education for the last seven years and has been working in Early Childhood Education for five years.

Samantha has recently finished 12 months of mentoring with Dr Anita Collins and through this process has discovered her dedication to teaching educators and parents on how to make educational experiences more accessible to children aged zero to 12 in Canberra and surrounding areas.

In 2019, began studying a Graduate Diploma in Musical Play Therapy with Julie Wylie of Christchurch, New Zealand, and conducted both the With One Voice Ginninderry Junior and Senior Choirs.

This year, Samantha won the Telstra Business Women’s Award in the category of Emerging Leader. Later this year she will head to Sydney for the National Awards dinner.

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