Privacy Statement


Allegro Educationis committed to a privacy statement thatsafeguardsthe privacy of its clients


A privacy statement is a document that declares the intentions of the organisation in relation to client information and data, how personal information is stored, how clients can access this information and the purposes for which personal information is used and disclosed.


The organisation’s privacy statement should include sections on the following areas:

·       data collection

·       data storage

·       data use

·       data disclosure

·       access by an individual.

Data collection

Allegro Education collects your personal information to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate assistance. The information is collected in a fair, legal and transparent way and allows parents to choose what information they share with staff

Data storage

Information collected by Allegro Education while you are accessing our services will be kept in a personal file within our intranet. Our intranet has been evaluated by Irradiate Security Pty Ltd and has passed a security assessment.

Data use

Allegro Education will only use the personal information collected for the purposes for which it was collected, or other purposes that are agreed to between us and the client. Additional purposes may be required to comply with legislation. If this is the case, Allegro Education will communicate to the client that this has occurred.

Data disclosure

Allegro Education undertakes to disclose your data only under the following circumstances:

  • where required by law
  • with your consent
  • where permitted by law

Access by an individual

Allegro Education provides you with access to your information and ensures access is:

  • convenient
  • without reasonable delay
  • without cost

For further information, contact The Office of Privacy Commissioner on the toll free number 1300 363 992 or 1800 620 241 (for hearing impaired only, no voice calls).

You can also email the commission at or access the website address at

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