Responding to complaints policy

Verbal complaints

  • It is suggested that employees:
    • listen carefully and respond to the client in a polite and respectful manner
    • clarify your understanding of the complaint and ask the client how they would like the complaint resolved. Wherever possible, try to resolve the complaint at the time.
  • If the circumstances do not allow the complaint to be resolved immediately, direct the complaint to the Director
  • If the Director is unavailable, the complaint should be directed to the staff member with the most appropriate skills to handle the matter, e.g. Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO).
  • If the client wishes only to speak with the Director, arrange a meeting between the Director and the client at a time that is mutually convenient.
  • Advise the client that they may submit the complaint in writing. See Client Complaint Form.
  • Follow the process for written complaints below.
  • Record complaint in the Client Complaint Log.

Written complaints

  • All complaints of a serious nature, e.g. corruption, fraud, harassment, etc. should be submitted in writing and referred to the Director for investigation. If the complaint involves the Director or the client feels that the Director is not the appropriate person to handle the complaint, refer the matter to one of the organisations listed (see Client Complaint Form)
  • Upon receiving a written complaint, the Director should aim to provide a response within ten (10) working days.
  • The response may include the following:
    • confirmation that the complaint has been received and the matter is being investigated
    • an understanding of the complaint
    • suggested actions for resolving the complaint
    • the complaint process, including the estimated timeframe for resolution
    • client satisfaction and right to appeal
    • contact name and number.