Service agreement

Allegro Education agrees to:

  • Deliver Intervention to support the learning of children with additional needs and their families in agreed upon settings (Early Childhood Education and Care setting, home, community, local playground, preschool, school, etc)
  • Deliver the program according to the schedule decided upon (Monthly, fortnightly, weekly)
  • Charge according to the latest NDIS support catalogue including travel to the client (charged at $0.85 per/km) and non face to face support such as creating resources and report writing
  • Charge additional time for supports where appropriate when sessions extend over the agreed upon duration, as discussed with the client and family
  • Discuss with the family/carer any changes to the program and how they might be affected as well as what will be done to minimise disruption to the program
  • Treat with confidentiality any information given to staff throughout the program
  • Only where agreed by the family/carer, will Allegro Education contact and speak with other organisations, only sharing necessary information to support the specific need in question
  • Contact families/carers privately to discuss any problems with keeping the service agreement going e.g. unpaid invoices, lack of attendance, and work together as appropriate to prevent uncertainty
  • Keep communication open and positive to resolve any problems that might arise
  • Follow up on any changes, communications and general information in writing

Allegro Education reserves the right to cease all appointments if invoices are not paid in an appropriate timeframe.

The family/carer agrees to:

  • Treat Allegro Education staff with respect, at all times
  • Discuss any matters arising from the program that are of concern
    • If this is not appropriate, clients and families are encouraged to fill in the complaint form or the feedback form (whichever seems more appropriate) available on the Allegro Education website
  • Pay fees on time or discuss as soon as possible any problems with payment with the Allegro Education staff in a timely manner
  • Give Allegro Education 48 hours’ notice of inability to attend wherever possible.
  • Communicate any potential problems with continuing the program to find a solution that works for everyone
    • If this is not appropriate, clients and families are encouraged to fill in the complaint form, available on the Allegro Education website
  • Give, in writing, any information that might affect participation in the program, including, but not limited to:
    • Client Information form
    • Current NDIS plan
    • Reports from other therapists and allied health professionals

Cancellation policy

Whenever possible, clients will give Allegro Education more than 24 hours’ notice to inform them of a cancellation. In circumstances where this is not possible, fees will apply as follows:

24-12 hours’ notice, Allegro Education will charge 50% of their fee

Less than 12 hours’ notice, Allegro Education will charge 100% of their fee.

Online Learning

Allegro Education reserves the right to request sessions to be held online using zoom at any time to protect staff and clients against the COVID outbreak. Sessions will be charged at the same rate as face to face therapy.

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