Jo, Mum of one

The move to a flexible drop-in model for babies has been excellent. This makes it much easier to get there and reduces the pressure on parents!

The range of music toys and instruments is excellent. These are things parents often don’t have at home and its great to have such variety and to see what each baby likes or dislikes. This can give parents ideas of what to buy/make for home. But for me it also appeals because I know I don’t need such a range of toys but [my child] can still be exposed to them at playgroup. This is particularly useful has their interests change so much as they grow, it means I haven’t ended up with a whole range of redundant toys. Your knowledge of music that appeals to babies and the range of songs that you have [and] early on I found it very useful because I couldn’t really remember any nursery rhymes so it gave me ideas of things to sing at home.