Upcoming Events

Allegro Education offers a range of events for children and families in Canberra

Community Visits

Many children become worried or overwhelmed by things that are considered out of their comfort zone. These might include:

  • becoming scared or overwhelmed by the lights and sirens of a police vechicle
  • not undertanding that in the case of a fire you must follow the direction given by a fire fighter
  • wanting to pat a guide dog, but not understanding why that is not allowed
  • going to the doctors for a check up
  • travelling to hospital in an ambulance
  • going to the dentist
  • getting their hair cut

To make these experiences more enjoyable, Allegro Education will invite community members to attend our monthly group to answer questions, talk about safety and talk through important steps that children need to understand.

Movie Sessions

Going to the movies can be an enjoyable family event, but often times children can find it difficult to sit still and be silent for the movie. To ensure that all families get to experience movie time, Allegro Education offers two movie sessions a term. During these sessions:

  • a PG movie will be played
  • there will be flexible seating options, including bringing your seating
  • children and families are permitted to move and talk during the movie
  • snacks can be brought in and snacks will also be available for purchase. 

Stay tuned to find out when our first movie session will be!

Have an idea for an event?

Send us an email and let us know what event you would like offered! We are always taking suggestions of how we can help you and your family

If this is not what you are looking for, check out our Consultations, Playgroups, NDIS groups or School Visits page