Early Intervention tailored to you

Allegro Education’s mission is to create and provide dynamic Early Intervention for children using a play-based approach and a musical focus to achieve clients’ NDIS goals and developmental milestones.

What We Do

We manage Early Intervention groups in Canberra to help children develop social skills, gross and fine motor skills, communication, self-help skills and, school readiness.

We provide one on one Early Intervention for children needing a more targeted approach in achieving the NDIS goals. Often using music to engage children in achieving their goals.

We facilitate in-service visits to collaborate with your children’s teachers and educators to ensure your child is meeting their goals in their educational environment.

Within the disability sector, Allegro Education is known for their passionate advocacy, innovative program delivery, and their generous nature. Allegro Education has created authentic inclusive play spaces where clients and families feel safe and secure. It has been a pleasure to watch this program grow and thrive under the NDIS.

Alana Haskew of The Social Connectors

Why choose Allegro Education?

There are plenty of NDIS providers, so why choose us?

  • We use a strengths-based approach to therapy, recognizing the things your child excels in
  • We focus on solutions, not on problems
  • We use a collaborative approach while working with families because you know your child best
  • We educate parents on ways to assist their children in everyday routines, not just during therapy hours
  • Your goals and priorities are at the forefront of our therapy

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